Colonelz SharpShooterz brings you the best Weapons, Accessories and sports equipment in the line. We promise you the best rates in the business, equivalent to the NRAI rates.

Popular 0.177 air rifles and pistols (Representative List)

  • Walther LG 400, AR20, AP20
  • Feinwerkbau 800, 800X, 800 Alu
  • Steyr Evo, LP10, LP50
  • Morini 162MI, 162EI, Morini Titanium

10m Shooting Accessories

  • RWS R-10 pellets, H&N Pellets 
  • 10m Rifle targets
  • 10m Pistol targets
  • 10m Shooting machines
  • Shooting Jackets, Shooting Trousers, Premium Rifle
    ‚Äčand Pistol Shoes, Gloves, Caps, Bags etc

Shooting Range Equipment

  • Rifle Stands
  • Compressed Air Cylinders 200 & 300 Bar
  • Bauer Electronic Air Compressor 200 & 300 Bar 
  •  Hill Pump Hand Air Compressor



Colonelz SharpShooterz uses its vast experience and commitment to quality to provide the best sports equipment to desirous institutions, both Government and Private. 

We have tie ups with the top importers of the best imported equipment from Germany, Switzerland, USA etc

We have the unique advantage of being located in the sports equipment city of Jalandhar which provides sports equipment to the whole world.

Colonelz SharpShooterz is your one-stop shop for all your sports and shooting requirements.

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Colonelz SharpShooters specialises in providing sports infrastructure of various games and sports. Representative list is as under

10m Shooting Ranges - Comprehensive range construction
Reflex Shooting Ranges
Combat Shooting Ranges
Compact Ranges
Synthetic Courts - Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Handball, Football fields 

Indoor Gym Setup and Equipment

Outdoor Gym Setup and Equipment

Outdoor Adventure Obstacle Course, Climbing Wall setup 

We can source the best of the equipment for you at the most reasonable rates.