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10 Meter Shooting Ranges Construction

Colonelz SharpShooterz undertakes complete turnkey projects in top quality competition level 10m Air Rifle and 10m Air Pistol Ranges construction. Show us the place and we will set up the project for you from begining to end.

We provide the complete setup for shooting range construction. Colonelz SharpShooterz team of professionals will do the entire shooting range setup for you in a matter of days. Check out any of our ranges and you can see the difference in quality for yourself.

We provide the best quality 10m shooting range machines, both electrical and electronic. Shooting tables, lighting, carpeting etc are provided as per the ISSF Standards of everything that an international level range should have, so your shooters get an interntional level practice environment from day one.

In association with our associates SportzCraft Inc, we also provide all weapons and accessories that are essential for setting up your range. Weapons are sourced directly from the National Rifle Association of India (India), or imported from the OEMs by the registered importers. Accessories include Pellets(both Indian and Imported), Target papers and Templates, Air Cylinders, Shooter Uniforms and all kind of shooting essentials. 

When you associate with Colonelz, you don't have to look over your shoulder for anything. We provide you everything on a platter to setup your 10meter shooting range from scratch.

Setting up a 10 meter Air Rifle and Air Pistol does not require any license from any Government Agency, as these Air Guns are out of the classification of 'Firearms' as per a Supreme Court Ruling. Click here to check it out.

In School Program

Colonelz SharpShooterz has a well structured coaching program, currently being offered in limited locations. We also provide manpower solutions and complete training programs for interested schools and institutions, including provision of qualified Shooting Coaches. Contact us to learn more about the program.

Other Competition Level Ranges

Want to construct a 25m, 50m or Trap and Skeet Competition level shooting range? Contact us to get a quote for your project.